ISO 9001 Accreditation

ISO 9001 Accreditation

Corporate Cleaning Services® is proud to be Accredited with the ISO 9001 Management System.

At Corporate Cleaning Services® we know that ISO 9001 Quality Systems are well proven as a fundamental tool for reducing waste and enterprise risk while increasing our customers confidence and business performance through continual improvement.

Workplace Health & Safety

Corporate Cleaning Services® recognizes that we have a responsibility towards both the people we employ and anyone affected by our work, to protect their health and keep them safe.
As our staff most commonly work within premises that are not directly under our control, this means that an important part of our Health & Safety management system lies in co-operating fully with clients in all Health and Safety matters.

We consider it our job to familiarize ourselves with all relevant policies and procedures that our clients have in place, and inform our staff of these before they start work.

Risk Assessment

Our approach to Risk Assessment is continuous. This means that an assessment takes place at each of the sites where we work at set intervals.

On top of this, we establish clear routes of communication for our cleaning staff, encouraging them to voice any concerns or ideas they may have regarding safety, and, where appropriate, incorporate these into the next Risk Assessment along with new precautions in the workplace.

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