Hotel Cleaning & Pub Cleaning Services

Hotel Cleaning & Pub Cleaning Services

Hotel Cleaning and Pub Cleaning Services – Easy and Affordable

Corporate Cleaning Services® offer cleaning for hotels, pubs, bars, night clubs, and taverns.

Everyone expects an immaculate standard of hygiene when they go out for food or for a drink. At Corporate Cleaning Services®, we know that Hospitality Managers are busy people. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure that our hotel and pub cleaning service is the most reliable and hassle-free around!

From high-level dusting to cleaning the skirting boards and carpet, we have a vast deal of experience cleaning hotels, bars, pubs, night clubs and taverns of all sizes – and we know all about the work that will need to be done at your venue. Hiring Corporate Cleaning Services® for your hotel cleaning or pub cleaning needs will mean that you can be proud to open your doors to the paying public, 365 days of the year.

Hotel Cleaning

Our services always include:

  • well-trained, uniformed and experienced cleaning staff
  • our Personal Management System
  • provision of all equipment/chemicals/insurances included in the price, with the option of also including consumables
  • a responsible approach to Workplace Health & Safety
  • environmentally-aware cleaning practices

Working with Corporate Cleaning Services® means that you will receive regular site visits from your account manager, who will be directly contactable by you at all times to discuss our work and to arrange any extras that you may need. This is all part of our Personal Management System.

Services to Meet Your Needs

Our cleaners are trained experts in all types of hotel cleaning, pub cleaning, and maintenance tasks. We take great pride in our superior knowledge of various surfaces and their unique cleaning needs, including marble, wood, linoleum floors, carpets, ceramics, stainless steel, and fabric. Our teams of qualified technicians are trained with the most cutting-edge techniques in chemical handling and equipment operation. Continuous research in developing hotel and pub cleaning techniques and finding the best products is a commitment we keep, so that you will always enjoy high standards and great presentation. We take the art and science of cleaning and provide a very noticeable level of personal care that shows and reflects our philosophy in good housekeeping.

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If the services we’ve described sound like what your hotel or pub needs, then the next step is simple: Call Corporate Cleaning Services® today, so we can discuss how you can benefit from our hotel cleaning and pub cleaning services.

Workplace Health and Safety and Risk Assessment

You can learn about our approach to workplace health and safety and risk assessment here

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