Mine Site Cleaning

Mine Site Cleaning

Mine Site Cleaning

Corporate Cleaning Services® provides a comprehensive mine site cleaning service to the mining industry, with flexible solutions for our customers in the mining and energy industries. We can tailor our services to meet your specific mine site cleaning needs.

Our industrial mine cleaning and maintenance group operates with a fully trained and experienced staff, utilising an extensive fleet of specialised equipment and materials. We can manage all levels and types of industrial and mine site cleaning projects efficiently and professionally. Corporate Cleaning Services® can determine the best method for handling all your waste streams through our treatment, disposal and recycling facilities.

Our Mine Cleaning Services

Our mine site cleaning and facilities maintenance services include:

  • housekeeping
  • laundry services
  • catering
  • site maintenance
  • gardening
  • recycling and environmental management
  • security services

In addition to cleaning, Corporate Cleaning Services® offers a wide variety of recycling solutions in order to meet your individual environmental goals. Corporate Cleaning Services® can customise recycling programs to fit your specific needs while meeting regulatory requirements and helping to protect the environment.

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