Medical Cleaning

Medical Cleaning

Medical Cleaning – Specialist Cleaners of Surgeries and Health Clinics across Queensland

At Corporate Cleaning Services®, our staff have extensive experience in the provision of cleaning services to hygiene-sensitive sites.

Our cleaners adhere to strict confidentiality agreements, security clearance checks, and operational protocols that ensure our medical cleaning services are provided in a highly-controlled environment. We have a proven track record for exceeding industry expectations and incorporating best practice in the sanitation of work environments, and can include the use of swab check kits (such as Biotrace) to verify cleanliness.

Our Services

Our medical cleaning services typically involve cleaning the following areas:

  • reception
  • waiting rooms
  • treatment rooms
  • offices
  • toilet and washroom areas
  • lunchrooms and kitchenettes
  • windows

Why Choose Us?

Punctuality, convenience and price are important factors taken into account by our clients, and they are aspects we take very seriously.

But in the highly-controlled environment of medical facilities, quality control is the key. If quality is taken for granted, it can start to slip. If it’s codified, specified and checked at every step, quality is assured. Our cleaners meticulously follow the right procedures to ensure quality control is maintained.

For any medical establishment, cleaning is at the top of any list of priorities. As in most matters, prevention is better than then cure.

Choose Us

Corporate Cleaning Services® can provide out-of-hours medical cleaning for all areas of your business. To learn more about our specialist surgery and health clinic cleaning services, or to get a free quote, contact Corporate Cleaning Services® today.

Workplace Health and Safety and Risk Assessment

If you want to read about our approach to workplace health and safety and risk assessment, click here.

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