Car Park Cleaning

Car Park Cleaning

Car Park Cleaning Services – Keeping Car Parks of Every Shape and Size Clean

Regardless of whether your parking facilities are an open lot, a multi-level structure, or an underground garage, they require frequent sweeping to keep them safe for users and employees, reduce long-term maintenance costs, and make the facilities attractive and convenient to the people who use them.

At Corporate Cleaning Services®, we provide a complete spectrum of car park cleaning services, including:

  • car park sweeping
  • street sweeping
  • property management
  • pressure washing
  • sign repair
  • striping
  • pothole patching
  • large item removal
  • graffiti removal

Industry studies have confirmed that car parks that are neat and clean attract more customers and elicit fewer complaints than facilities that are dusty, dirty, or littered with rubbish. This is true whether the facility charges for parking or provides it for free (such as at a shopping centre).

Fine dust is troublesome to remove and if not done properly, can be spread onto vehicles, other horizontal surfaces, or back on the deck or roadway, exacerbating the dust problem and affecting the appearance of the parking facility. But it’s more than just an appearance issue. Frequent sweeping of a parking facility has a number of other practical and economic benefits.

The Benefits of Frequent Car Park Sweeping

Parking surfaces and decks last longer when car park cleaning services are carried out on a regular basis.

Sand, gravel, and dust act as abrasives under vehicle wheels, and can increase the wear on driving surfaces. When asphalt surfaces become worn, they become more susceptible to water infiltration and begin to break down. Concrete wears too, and the resultant concrete dust necessitates even more cleaning. Slow down this process with regular car park sweeping.

Debris on parking lots and decks contains traces of petroleum, oil, heavy metals, and organic compounds that may contribute to water and air pollution if not regularly collected. As such, car park cleaning helps minimise any potential environmental effects.

Regular car park cleaning also makes a parking facility much safer for patrons, because accumulated sand and debris can increase the risk of slips and falls. By eliminating these materials and maintaining surfaces in good condition, injuries and possibly even legal action can be minimised if not eliminated.

Choose Corporate Cleaning Services®

Our car park cleaners use power sweepers to collect the sand, gravel, debris, dust and trash that invariably accumulate on parking surfaces. If you are looking for expert and affordable car park cleaning services, then talk with Corporate Cleaning Services® today.

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